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What should vitiligo patients pay attention to on their diet?

What should vitiligo patients pay attention to on their diet?Vitiligo patients should abide by their food taboo strictly. Vitiligo patients should keep normal and good daily routine and psychology. Do not eat pungent and other irritant food. You should take steps to treat your illness once you know you have got vitiligo. Do not be burdened and keep relaxed.

1. Don’t have food preference.

In daily life, you should be aware of scientific diet conditioning and pay attention to matching different kinds of foods so that we can ensure enough nutrition for the body. Food preference will make food catch be in an imbalance. And it may lead to the relatively deficiency of the necessary substance to compound melanin. Therefore, food preference is an unhealthy dietary habit and should be corrected.

2.Eat more copper-bearing food.

The experiment shows that the copper and ceruloplasmin in vitiligo patients’ blood and blood cake is lower than that in normal person. In our daily, it will be better to eat some copper-bearing food and use the copper spoon, copper pot to supplement copper. It will not only alleviate or avoid the poisoning caused by oral administration and vein pathway, but also assist to treat leucoderma.

3.Eat food rich in tyrosine.

Eat food rich in tyrosine, such as beef, pork, egg, animal liver, milk, vegetables, beans(soybean, hyacinth, petits pois, bean products). And eat more peanut, semen sesami nigrum, raisin, xylocarp (such as nut). Besides, eat mineral substance food, such as mussel (snail, clam, oyster) .

4.It is vital to abide by dietetic restraint.

Food rich in vitamin C, such as fresh orange, grapefruit, fresh jujube, hawthorn, cherry, kiwi fruit, strawberry, waxberry and etc ,should be restricted. From daily experience, we know that food which are too sour, too hot, alleged hot food, stimulating food, prawn, crab, mutton, dog meat should be restricted. Because we can find they will lead to high irritability from data logging, patient recount and intracutaneous test.

5.Be reasonable on diet.

Avoid wine,pepper,beef meat,mutton,fish,prawn,crab,tomato,grapefruit.Eat more agaric, animal liver,peanut,black soya bean,longan aril,walnut,black rice,towel gourd,lotus seed,potato,milk.

Match these food:walnut sesame porridge,mulberry walnut porridge, medlar agaric porridge,potato peanut ribs porridge,black bean peanut porridge.

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