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What Vegetables Should Vitiligo Patients Avoid

vitiligo dietIn daily life, we often met some diseases. Vitiligo is also becoming a common skin disease with technology development. And vitiligo is quite hard to be cured, which can also causes lots of damage to patients’ body health. Vitiligo patients should take positive treatment to control vitiligo spreading. At the same time, patients should listen to the doctors’ suggestion about living habits and dietary habits. For example, on diet, don’t eat fruit and vegetables that containing too much vitamin C. Timely adjustment of diet is also in favour of vitiligo recovery. But some food can aggravate vitiligo condition.

First, vitiligo patients should not eat fruits and vegetables that rich in vitamin C. Because vitamin C can make serum copper and serum copper oxidase level decrease. At the same time, it can also affect tyrosinase activity and cause certain influence to melanin generation of skin.

Second, vitiligo patients should try to eat less spicy food, such as onion, pepper and puffed food. Improper diet can cause some stimulation and damage to patients’ skin. It will also cause influence to skin recovery. Vitiligo patients should also know these common sense about vitiligo timely.

Third, vitiligo patients can not eat spinach in life. Spinach belongs to foods that rich in high oxalic acid among vegetables. Vitiligo can lead to skin positions getting itch symptoms. Finally cause some influences to patients’ daily. And it is bad for vitiligo patients’ recovery. We hope patients can get rid of these diet habits timely.

Forth, vitiligo patients should improve their diet habits. And it is helpful to patients’ recovery. As for sea products, such as fish and shrimp. Vitiligo patients should try to eat less of these foods. Because these foods are rich in high glutathione. And it is bad for patients’ recovery. Even seriously, it will aggravate vitiligo patients’ condition.

Vitiligo patients should improve their living habits. As for foods that are bad for vitiligo recovery, patients should try to avoid. And patients should also have proper rest and cultivate good living habits.

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