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What Should Vitiligo Patients Eat to Supplement Copper

vitiligo diet Vitiligo is caused by the decrease of melanin in human body. It is caused by melanin depigmentation and then cause stubborn skin disease. Copper deficiency can inhibit melanin synthesis, and then lead to the onset of vitiligo. As for foods that can supplement copper, patients should eat more nut, watermelon, lotus seed, peanut. These foods can better supplement copper elements.

How should vitiligo patients supplement copper? Many vitiligo patients are not clear about this question.Vitiligo patients usually know that copper is in favour of melanin generation and can inhabit white spots spreading. But they are interested about how to supplement copper.

Vitiligo patients can use copper spoon and copper bowl to help the absorption of copper ion to alleviate condition. As for vitiligo treatment, patients should check out what is the cause of your vitiligo. If vitiligo patients can cooperate with doctors’ suggestion, vitiligo is possible to be cured. Vitiligo patients should supplement some foods that are rich in copper, such as nut, peanut, walnut, ginkgo, chest nut, lotus seed, pine nut, almond black sesame and etc.

Copper is quite beneficial to vitiligo patients, because copper is very important to skin melanin generation. In daily life, vitiligo patients should use copper ware more often, such as copper spoon, copper pot, copper bowl and etc. From these tableware, vitiligo patients can supplement copper element.

To adequately guarantee enough copper in diet to satisfy the body’s needs, vitiligo patients should eat foods that are rich in copper, such as animal livers, shrimp, beans, fresh meat, various nutlet. These foods have obvious effect to improve copper content in human body. Therefore, vitiligo patients should pay attention to adjusting dietary structures.

We need to know that diet can not treat vitiligo, diet can not replace medicine treatment. Vitiligo patients should not take medicines blindly. And don’t delay the best treatment time, or it may aggravate your vitiligo condition and increase difficulty and treatment period.

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