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Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Carrot

vitiligo dietVitiligo patients should eat less carrot, because carrot is rich in vitamin C. Patients who get vitiligo will have white spots on their skin, and vitamin C will stop melanin generation. Vitiligo patient should try to eat less vitamin C. Eat more food rich in melanin.

Vitiligo belongs to a kind of chronic disease. In the world, there are many vitiligo patients, their physical and mental health will be seriously damaged. Vitiligo on skin will affect patients’ appearance. If you are diagnosed with vitiligo, you should pay attention to daily diet.

Most vitiligo patients know that after getting vitiligo, patients should avoid some food. In winter, it is the season to eat carrot. So many patients are much concerned. Vitiligo patients should try to eat less carrot. Because carrot contains certain vitamin C, which can lead to the decrease of serum copper and serum copper oxidase. And it can also lead to the decrease if tyrosinase, affecting the synthesis of melanin.

In daily diet, vitiligo patients should try to not eat food containing vitamin C. Because vitamin C can directly break off melanin generation. Then vitiligo patients’ white spots may enlarge because of the decrease of melanin, which is bad for patients’ recovery.

In daily diet, patients can eat food rich in tyrosinase and mineral substance, including beef, lean meat, animal livers and egg. And it will be better to eat some soybean and fresh vegetables. Patients can also eat peanut, walnut and black sesame.

After getting vitiligo, patients may be very depressed. At this time, patients should pay attention to daily life. Adjust daily diet. Don’t eat hawthorn, kiwi fruit and sea food. Don’t eat spicy food.

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