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Be careful with Skin Allergies And Prevent Vitiligo

Be careful with Skin Allergies And Prevent VitiligoKindly remind: Skin allergy is a very common problem, but because it would not cause severe consequences, many people neglect it, they may not know, skin allergies is also related with vitiligo. So, pay attention to skin allergies, and be careful with vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a kind of acquired focal or generalized skin disease caused by pigment loss, it occurs because melanocyte lose its function, however, the pathognesis is still unknown. There are many things can lead to this problem, like heredity, autoimmune deficiency, psychological problems, sunshine, etc. all of which can induce vitiligo, and skin allergy is one of them too.

Allergy patients may have white spots, peeling, or itching, with progression of allergy, some parts may lose melanin, and finally develop to vitiligo. So, pay enough attention to skin allergies during daily life.

Pay attention to more things rather than allergen only to prevent skin allergy

Talking about skin allergy, many people think that the direct way is to keep away from allergen. Indeed, 20% of patients can know the allergen through check up, so those can control allergic symptoms through desensitization therapy, but mostly, patients get allergies because of complicated causes, some may because of autoimmune disorder, together with irritation of external allergen. So, allergen is only one aspect in preventing skin allergies.

Experts say that preventing allergic skin disease requires patients to regulate their emotion, do not be angry or worry, learn to find some way to release. And they should develop regular living style, do not stay too late during night and do not overstrain yourself. At the same time, avoid excessive exposure to sunshine and wind, wear a hat when go outside, or take umbrella or use sun cream to prevent sunshine burnt.

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