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Vitiligo Patients Can Eat Seafoods ?

vitiligo patients can eat seafoodAccording to the clinical research that those people who live by the sea and always consume seafood. It will not only increase the incidence of the vitiligo, but also it will worsen the vitiligo condition. Some of the patients the white patches will expand or the new white patches will appear after eating seafood or consuming alcohol. Some of the patients will feel itchiness at white patches region after consuming large amount of alcohol. And many patients occupied on the restaurant and other catering business, their vitiligo always out of control.

All these indicate that consuming alcohol and intake too much seafood have a close relationship with vitiligo. We predict that the pathogeneses of the vitiligo may probably relate to the disorder of the neuron-endocrine-immunity that probably linked with the alcoholic toxic effect. It may also damage the liver and affect the metabolism of many substances, make the mechanism unbalance, consequently it will cause the skin pigment metabolic disturbance. Seafood may inducing organism allergic reaction.

In conclusion, the etiology and pathogenesis of vitiligo is not due to single factor. The factors consist of internal factor and external factor. The vitiligo always caused by multi-factors. Generally speaking, external factors are the criteria of onset this disease, but internal cause is the root onset of this disease.

In daily life, people should avoid contact with the external environment dangerous factors and control internal factors as well, for example psychological problems also will worsen this disease.

For the prevention and treatment of vitiligo has important clinical significance.

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