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Vitiligo Patients Diet Suggestion

The diet suggestion for vitiligo patientsWe don’t know since when, more and more people are struggling with vitiligo. The morbidity of the vitiligo is gradually going up year by year. And the major symptom is white spot on the normal skin part, and it has a very bad effect to the patient’s appearance but also have a traumatic injury to their self-confidence. So in daily life, the patients should go to professional hospital to receive the standard treatment. They also should pay attention to their diet. Here are some points that we need to note about that. 

Firstly the patients should avoid smoking and consuming alcohol, the smoking and alcohol have a big harm to our body, and vitiligo patients should pay more attention to it, the patients must quit smoking, nicotine definite will do harm to our body. And long term drinking alcohol will directly cause alcohol toxic vitiligo. So patients must pay attention to their body health and do a good job at daily prevention.

Secondly the vitiligo patients should intake more diet which contain rich copper element. There are many foods that are rich in copper element. Such as dried mushroom, tea, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame paste, cocoa powder, and animal liver, which can help alleviate vitiligo condition.

Thirdly the vitiligo patients totally stop taking meat foods, which can affect the normal function of our body. They avoid to intake the cholesterol which cause the body lack of the cholesterol can then affect the normal body function. And which also are easily to increase other disease‘s risk.

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