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Diet Suggestion for Vitiligo Patients

Diet suggestion for vitilgio patients

Vitiligo is one of the stubborn skin diseases in world. It is very suffering for the patient with this disease. Here are some foods that are beneficial to improve this disease. Some of the food that are beneficial to the vitiligo patients, some are not.

Firstly, here are some foods that are beneficial to the vitiligo patients.

The foods that are contain a large amount of vitamin C. Thus they should avoid intaking too much vitamin C, eat less or completely avoid the vegetables and fruits that contain large amount of vitamin C. such as green pepper, tomato, orange, grapefruit etc.

Secondly take some food that contain enriched cooper, if copper ion level is increase, the melancytes forming will also increasing. So for patients should eat more mussels, arca subcrenata, cupric, food. Because deficiency of certain microelements in patient’s blood or white patches area, this leading the lower down of the tyrosinase and affect the synthesis of the melanin, causing the pathogenesis changes of skin. So the patient should intake more foods that contain enriched copper, zinc, iron etc. All there will increase the activities of the tyrosinase. It will speed up the syntheses of the melancytes.

Thirdly vitiligo patients can take some black fungus kelp, sea cucumber, celery, eggplant, cedar teeth, walnut, soft-shelled turtle, amaranth, leek, fractionation, black rice, leaf of elm tree. All these can protect the vitiligo occurring. The patients should not eat to much foods like strawberry, waxberry, chicken and sheep etc.

Fourthly the patients should eat some meal that are enriched the tyrosinase and mineral matter. Such as cattle, rabbit, pig lean meat, animal liver, eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs. milk, yogurt, and some fresh vegetable like carrots, eggplant, kelp and beans, peas, green beans and bean products, peanut, black sesame seed, walnut, raisins, screw, clams and other shellfish food.

It is not good that for vitiligo patients to eat specify foods. We have to remain patients that they should not eat specify foods, we know that many people will get inflamed after eating the specify foods. It will worsen the skin condition.

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