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How to Take Care of Vitiligo

How to take care of vitiligo Here are some pointes that vitiligo patients need to take a note. Many patients when suffering from this disease always consult about some suggestion from us. Such as diet, and life style, vitiligo patients pay a lot of attention to their diet in their daily life.

The vitiligo patient should avoid eating the food which contain the vitamin C, the vitamin C have the whitening result and anti-oxidation effect. After the patient consuming the vitamin C, it will lower down the level of serum copper and serum copper oxidase, and further affect the activity of the tyrosinase, disturb the synthesis of the melanin. Patients cannot eat foods containing vitamin c like kiwis, oranges, cilantro, Hawthorn, leek, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, Plum, apricot, sour Apple, sour grapes, tomatoes, etc.

In the usual diet the vitiligo patient should also avoid eating onions, pepper, ginger, raw garlic, shrimp, lamb, development of bamboo shoots, pickled vegetables, smoked foods, wine. Because of these kind of food will affect the absorption of the medication.

For patients with Vitiligo, they should not eat acid foods like vinegar or acidic food. After eating can affect melanin synthesis, and slow down the increasing of melanin.

On the other hand vitiligo patient have to avoid chemical physical and mechanical injury, avoid to contact with the phenol and phenols compound. For example (monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone is used as antioxidant for rubber, if we usually contact with the rubber products (for example: rubber gloves rubber shoelace etc). The white spot will appear after the fading of the local area. The white spot may occur on the other part of body. monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone is the main component of macula-removing paste, it also will cause some white spot appear on the face or hands. So we have to avoid to rubber and irritate on the sensitive part of body.

During the active stage, the patient have to avoid apply some external cream, it also needs to avoid the UV irritation.

Avoid the skin to get infected, for some patients who have the eczema, dermatitis, insect biting should look for the treatment as soon as possible.

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