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Diet Suggestions for Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo has brought a lot of troubles to people’s job and life. Vitiligo also has a great influence to people’s emotions. Many people are looking for the new therapeutic can treat vitiligo from root. Vitiligo has certain relation with the psychological factors. The most effective way to prevent the vitiligo is to have an optimistic mind.

1. Know some of the common knowledge about vitiligo, such as vitiligo symptoms, vitiligo pathogenesis, and relevant medications. After we know more about this disease, so the mind would be more relaxed.

Know more about vitiligo this disease.

2. Regular life, it indirectly can relax the patient’s mind, to prevent the vitiligo.

3. Because the early symptoms not very obvious, so people always choose to cover it by making up. Sothat the patients will not feel psychological burden during communicative process.

4. Patients can share their innermost thoughts with their close friends, if they are not willing to share with their family members.

5. patient’t family members, friends and the social levels people should give the patients support and concerned. Let the patients feel warm and hopeful.

Apart from the emotions part, here are two simple ways might help vitiligo patients.

Red clay is one of the most home remedies for vitiligo. The clay is discovered near river banks of South America, Asia, and Africa. Red clay has a lot of positive signs due to its copper content to cure a skin condition like vitiligo. Here is the instruction how to use red clay to treat this condition:

· Combine a tablespoon f ginger juice with two tablespoons of red clay.

· Rub the mixture on white patches each day.

· Ginger juice encourages and adds blood flow to spots.

· Repeat the process each day to get rid of vitiligo.

Papaya is a tree-like plant, which grows from 5-10 m, the flowers are like plumeria flowers and its leaves are ripe, large, and long for 10-30 cm. Papaya is not only a delicious fruit for health, but it is also helpful for vitiligo treatment. Here is the method to use papaya to treat vitiligo:

Cut papaya fruit into different pieces.

Rub papaya pieces on white patches.

Dry it naturally and apply other pieces of papaya.

You might drink papaya juice each day to relieve melanin cells caused by vitiligo.


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