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What are diet suggestions for Vitiligo Patients.

What are diet suggestions for vitiligo Patients.Nowadays vitiligo present on the rising trend. The vitiligo people amount is quite large. for those patients who have been suffering from this disease know that they must receive the treatment at the first time. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to their dietary habit during the treatment. It is quite important to the vitiligo patients, good habit can help vitiligo patients recover soon.

Many patients will told specialist that they didn’t realize why they suffer from this disease, they didn’t have a clear understand to the early symptoms of vitiligo. So they didn’t start the treatment at early time.

In daily life, after many patients suffer from vitiligo. They didn’t pay much attention to the daily life. Nowadays people’s life is very irregular, some young people and children like to ear some fast food, like Mcdonald. This kind of food consist of large amount of the growth hormone. It will directly affect the children’s body health. For some people they don’t like ear fruits, but the fruits and vegetables contain enriched vitamin C. It can prevent vitiligo and other skin disease effectively.

Now people's life is very irregular, some young people and children, like in peacetime eat barbecue chicken skeleton and so on food, the type of Fried food, in which can contain large amounts of growth hormone, will directly affect the child's health problems, if the patient has a special system itself, at ordinary times life will not be able to eat fish and shrimp.

Besides avoid eating some fried food, they also should avoid consuming alcohol, and smoking. The parents have to watch out their children. They should not let them drink too much beverage, all these foods will directly cause the children’s health greatly affected.

Vitiligo Diet – Food Items to Intake

Following is the list of food items which you should consider adding to your diet.

This list also again complied on the basis of recommendations given by people looking to cure Vitiligo.


1. Radish,

2. Beet Root,

3. Carrot,

4. French Beans,

5. Ridge and Bitter Gourd,

6. Fenugreek,

7. Spinach,

8. Drumsticks and

9. Onion


1. Mangoes,

2. Grapes,

3. Walnut,

4. Apricot,

5. Dates and

6. Papaya

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