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308 Excimer Laser Therapy for Vitiligo

308 excimer laser therapyWith the technology development, there are many therapies to treat vitiligo. Nowadays, just rely on single traditional Chinese medication or just western medicine and equipments can not treat vitiligo from the root effectively. Therefore, in our UM-D treatment, we combine traditional Chinese medication and modern advanced instruments to control vitiligo from spreading, restore human skin color and then prevent it from recurrence.

And our traditional Chinese medication includes Chinese herb, Chinese steam, and five elements bath, which has a history of thousands of years. From ancient time to modern life, these medications have greatly helped patients to get rid of diseases. These medications aim at treating vitiligo from the internal body, and regulate your physical fitness.

And then these modern equipments can assist with vitiligo treatment. Here is an brief introduction of one advanced instrument called 308 excimer laser system.

First, function mechanism. 308 Excimer laser therapy system is the pinnacle in the field of skin disease excimer therapy. It integrates 308nm XeCI excimer laser light source, 154Hz quasi-continuous nanometer modulation, and newest liquid light transmission(LLG) and various world's leading technology. This system apply XeCI excimer gas. Clinical researches indicate that, single 308 nm wave length is the best wave length to induce the apoptosis of pathological T lymphocyte in vitiligo and psoriasis lesions, and it also has the strongest penetration in UVB wave band. The deepest depth that it can penetrate dermis’s superficial layer is 1.5mm. Therefore, it can reach optimal treatment effect for vitiligo and psoriasis treatment. In medical field, doctors will apply this principle to directly irradiate lesions positions using laser, then arouse relevant biochemical reaction. Thus promoting the synthesis of skin pigment to reach the purpose of treatment.

In our hospital, we will apply the 308nn excimer laser system which is imported original of the Unites States, abbreviated to be 308. It is exc excimer laser treatment system, a kind of single frequency excimer laser. The wave length is 308nm, and the pulse width is 30ns, and the single pulse energy density is 2-3mj/cm². It applies liquid fiber to transport laser, can formulate 2x2cm²square spot, which means the single treatment area is 2x2cm².

Second, the adaptation diseases: vitiligo, leukoderma, psoriasis.

Third, the contraindications:

1. Light allergic patients

2. Keloid or patients who have a history of keloid

3. Melanoma or patients who have a history of melanoma

4. Invasive squamous cell carcinoma patients

5. Pregnant woman can not do treatment in principle

6. Be strict to protect eyes when get treatment

Forth, abnormal reaction after treatment: local bubble. You should go on the treatment after the nurses help you prick bubbles and smear erythromycin ointment. After the bubble recovers, you can go on the treatment.

Fifth, course of treatment and treatment area: three to five times per week. Seven weeks to twelve weeks per course. The treatment area is decided by physician.

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