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NB-UVB Ultraviolet (uv) Light Therapy Apparatus for Vitiligo

NB-UVBNowadays, there are many equipments to treat vitiligo. These modern equipments can assist with vitiligo treatment. Here is an brief introduction of one advanced instrument called NB-UVB Ultraviolet (uv) Light Therapy Apparatus.

Function mechanism. The function mechanism of NB-UVB irradiation to treat vitiligo is applying the biochemical reaction of irradiation and then the function mechanism is very complex. Lots of laboratory diagnosises and evidence-based medicine certification can be summarized to the following aspects:

1. After irradiation(local or whole-body irradiation), there will be generalized light combination, neuromodulation effect and cell and molecular effect.

2. Accelerate vitiligo infiltrated pathological T lymphocyte apoptosis, inhibit the melanophore dissolution factor release, and protect melanophore activation.

3. Develop the immunomodulatory effects by secreting regulatory cytokine.

4. Activate tyrosinase liveness and promote melanophore generation.

(1) UV7001 ultraviolet light therapeutic instrument(all warehouse)

Our hospital introduce a new all warehouse narrow-band ultraviolet light therapeutic instrument(UV7001). This instrument applies computer to control irradiation dose and irradiation time automatically. The characteristic is high accuracy’s treatment dose and time, the high accuracy, repeatability, comparability. The all warehouse includes 40 x120w modulator tube, whose irradiation intensity can be adjusted casually. The treatment duration is short and effect is obvious.

The adaptation diseases:

First, patients’ age beyond 12 years old. Second, vitiligo, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis(such as polymorphous light eruption, solar urticaria, erythropoietic protoporphyria ), lichen planus, acne vulgaris, mycosis fungoides, pityriasis lichenoides. Third, range of application: distributing type vitiligo and generalized vitiligo.

The contraindications:

First, absolute contraindications: xeroderma pigmentosum, nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome, genetic dysplastic nevus syndrome, SLE, dermatomyositis, trichothiodystrophy, malignant melanoma history. Second, the main relative contraindications: Patients who have other skin cancer history but not non melanoma disease, patients who did arsenical or ionic rays treatment, patients who have precancerous skin lesions and immunosuppressive therapy, gestation period, porphyrinopathy, hyperthyroidism, active tuberculosis. Third, secondary relative contraindications: bulla class without blister sores, patients who have done or are doing MTX treatment, history of malignancy, cataract and cardiac insufficiency.

(2) UV100 ultraviolet light therapeutic instrument(half warehouse)

The adaptation diseases: distributing type vitiligo and generalized vitiligo.

The contraindications: it is the same with UV7001 ultraviolet light therapeutic instrument(all warehouse) ‘s contraindications.

(3) UV236Bultraviolet light therapeutic instrument

The adaptation diseases: Both hands, feet, and head and four limbs

(4) UV109Bultraviolet light therapeutic instrument

The difference of UVA and UVB:

Medium wave: UVB can penetrate the entire epidermis, the most can be absorbed by epidermis, and it will arouse skin erythema phenomenon, and the fraction can reach dermis, so we call this purple light.

Long wave:UVA can penetrate the epidermis, and the most light reach dermis, and it can affect on blood vessel , the penetrability is strong than UVB, and the effect is more remarkable, called black light.

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