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G-B Autologous Blood Purification Therapy for Vitiligo

G-B Autologous Blood Purification TherapyG-B autologous blood purification therapy (the combination of three oxygen atoms and blood) is the most advanced and effective treatment for vitiligo at present, which has be accepted by vitiligo specialists at home and abroad. This therapy can rapidly activate various components of cells in blood, and it can trigger human body system’s immunized response by blood purification. Then produce various immune cells and activate the increase of tyrosinase and melanin. Because in vitiligo patients’ blood and serum, the tyrosinase gene will get mutation and immunity function disorder, the nutrition needed for melanin can not be normally circulated to melanophore to be resolved and proliferated and synthesized to melanin. This phenomenon will cause skin local melanin deficiency and lead to the generation of white spots.

The root cause of vitiligo is the mutation of tyrosinase gene in blood, and the immunity function disorder, leading to the big changes of skin inner structure, and then the nutrition necessary for melanin can nit be circulated to skin inner cells via blood circulation. Thus leading to the skin epidermis get local depigmentation to appear white spots.

And G-B autologous blood purification therapy can rouse and restore the mutational tyrosinase factor, and catalyze melanosomes to generate melanin under the effect of tyrosinase, and then these melanin will be transported to skin inner melanophore. Generally speaking, patients can see the effect after 7-15 days’ treatment to reach the purpose of curing vitiligo from the root.

Medical ozone generator imported from Germany , combined with the international cutting-edge technology initiative ’G-B autologous blood purification therapy’, which has been proved to generate activation effect to body immunity system. Ozone can be rapidly resolved to be oxygen and oxygen atom. Oxygen can stimulate the nerve receptor reflect and affect the whole body by nervous system, produce reflective effect and participate in the body metabolism. It can stabilize the free radical in blood can improve free radical performance, improve human internal environment and adjust immunity mechanism.

The function mechanism: Ozone has strong oxidation, and ozone molecules can directly affect membrane protein on the appearance of germ and virus, making these germ and virus degeneration. Then further damage germ and virus’s DNA and RNA, makes them can not be copied to reach the effect of killing these germ and virus.

Ozone therapy can accelerate blood circulation, improve cell activity, strengthen metabolism, promote the growth of epithelial cell, adjust physiological function, and strengthen bioelectricity at lesions positions, improve body immunity, rapidly restore died lesions. The death cell will fall off and new cells will regenerate. It has Killing-effect to various cell body, endospore, virus, herpes, toadstool and protozoon.

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