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Cell therapy Apparatus to Treat Vitiligo

Cell therapy apparatus to treat vitiligoCell therapy apparatus is a Indispensable weapon to facilitate vitiligo patient’s recovery. Beijing Zhongke vitiligo hospital imported cell therapy apparatus exclusively, this not only can repair the regeneration melancytes under skin, but also promote the secretion balance of the melanin under skin. This can avoid the skin melanin deficiency and deposition phenomenon to restore the skin color from root and further prevent it rebounding again.

The most important is the cell therapy apparatus can refine the damaged keratinocyte during the treatment process from the cuticle deep to the basal layer of skin. and repair the damaged cells make it same with the normal cells.

It greatly improves the cure rate of vitiligo with the using of the cell therapy apparatus. Prevent the rebounding of vitiligo. It is required during the vitiligo patient’s treatment progress.

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