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Laser Therapy to Treat Vitiligo

Laser therapy to treat vitiligoExcimer 308nm laser treatment system can be said to be the peak of the laser therapy in treating skin disease. It integrate the 308nmXeCI excimer laser light resource, 154Hz quasi-continuous nano modulation, The latest liquid light transmission (LLG) and many of the world's top technology and so on. The treatment system uses is XeCI excimer gases. Clinical study have shown that the single wavelength of 308 nm was detected in the induce the T lymphocyte apoptosis for vitiligo and lesions of posoriasis is the best wave length, 308nm also is the strongest wavelength, the deepest can penetrate the leather shallow 1.5 mm. the medical use this principle, the laser direct radiate to the lesion part of skin this will make some relevant biological and chemical changes, it will facilitate the synthesis of melanin. So it reaches the treatment goal by use this 308nm.

The advantage of American X-trac308 excimer

Firstly the American Xtrac second generation intelligent excimer laser apparatus improve the single time irradiation effect under the high-energy radiation. And reduce the irradiation times. It can activate the melancytes effectively only use seven to ten times therapy. it also will not injury the normal skin cells, avoiding traditional large area treatment leading risk of skin ageing even skin cancer.

Secondly the American X trace second generation intelligent excimer laser apparatus can make the 308nm laser focus on the patient’s lesion part by unique liquid light guiding and avoid to irradiate to normal skin, guarantee to acquire therapeutic effect in a short period, and it will not to injure the health skin part. when we increase the dosage we are using, it greatly decrease the side effects compare with the traditional therapeutic methods. This excimer laser therapeutic system with patent technology and advantages in international. it is adaptive to use for the every part white patches treatment.

Thirdly for those patients who are not fit to use medication such as pregnant and children, all the patients are not fit to do the melancytes cultivation. We can choose to use this therapy.

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