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What are the symptoms of early vitiligo?

Early vitiligo symptomVitiligo is a kind of skin disease with increasingly high incidence.Meanwhile,it is a quite hard disease to treat.In the whole course of the disease,only early vitiligo has obvious treatment effect.So, if vitiligo patients can find their vitiligo in time and make proper treatment.It will be helpful for their recovery.

Because vitiligo is a kind of pathological symptom which appears on patients’ skin so that patients can directly pay attention to their skin problem and then timely find the appearance of vitiligo.So, what are the symptoms of early vitiligo?

First, the color of early vitiligo.

The color of vitiligo will change along with patients’ condition.The color of early vitiligo is more light white or pale pink.In early stage,the edge of new vitiligo has a slightly uplift of inflammatory dark red. Such symptoms may last several weeks. Because for some early vitiligo ,it has fuzzy boundaries and without pigment so that sometimes it is difficult to recognize in time.Finally,it will appear misdiagnosis.

Second,the white spots number of early vitiligo.

Experts said that early vitiligo generally has variable number, and appears local block and suborbicular. Why vitiligo is irregular shape or elliptic.Also some vitiligo is dot discoloration on the onset and its state is more obvious;Some edge is around with pigments band.In a few cases,vitiligo is mixed with the hair follicle pigmentation proliferation, which can increase, expand and mutually fuse into island shape.Except depigmentation, there is no atrophy or desquamation change.On the white spot, the hair will lose pigment so that leading to completely white color.

Third,early vitiligo treatment should be carried out quickly.

For vitiligo, the delay is more easily to aggravate the condition.What’s more, some patients can appear intractable leucoderma.Treatment difficulty will increase, the course will be longer, and the cost will be higher.Blind treatment is not good.It will not only delay the treatment, but also make vitiligo get resistance to the treatment of vitiligo.It will make the treatment more difficult later.

Forth,eat more dark food will contribute to the growth of the melanin.

Brunet food contains more melanin.Deep color of food and drink, namely brunet food,such as strong tea, coke, coffee and chocolate.Dark food also includes brown rice, black beans, red bean, green beans, red shoes, black sesame seed, walnut and other staple food.And chicken, beef ,mutton, pork liver, soft-shelled turtle, dark meat of fish, sea cucumber, etc. In addition, there is carrot, spinach, purple radish head, purple artichokes, mushrooms, black fungus, and so on.

Warm prompt: the treatment of vitiligo is the sooner the better.When you find the white spot problem, it will be good you to go to a normal hospital to check it with wood lamp and skin inspection equipment such as CT diagnosis.Try to avoid missing the optimal time for treatment.

If you want a further knowledge about vitiligo causes, you can send your own problem to vitiligocure@hotmail.com and we will give you a professional solution. After all, the symptoms are similar, but the real conditions are different.To treat this illness,we need to find the authentic pathogenesis according to different conditions of different patients.

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