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Is halo nevus a kind of vitiligo?

halo venusVitiligo is a kind of depigmentation skin disease presenting skin white spot.Actually,many skin diseases also presents to be skin white spot.One of the skin diseases is halo nevus,which also presents white spot.Here are some differences between vitiligo and halo nevus.

The core of halo nevus is pigmented nevus,but the difference is halo nevus will appear white spots around pigmented nevus,which means skin pigment disappear.And with the time goes by,melanin will decrease or disappear to form white spot.Halo nevus is usually existing around the four limbs,such as chest,arms and other body positions.The white spot presents to be circle or oval shape.

And vitiligo is a kind of depigmentation skin disease.The pathogenesis is that because of the lack of melanin in human skin,leads to the appearance of white spot.The onset of vitiligo is usually related to autoimmunity.At the beginning, vitiligo will present to be local.Finally, it will spread to the whole body.

At present, researches find that halo nevus belongs to a special kind of vitiligo.So halo nevus has no too much obvious difference with vitiligo.But the the onset of halo nevus is initially starting with pigmented nevus,and vitiligo can appear to various positions of our skin.Finally, they will both change into white spots.

Halo nevus can apply surgery or laser to remove the white spot of small area.But if the area is large, the treatment is the same as vitiligo treatment.

Above all,the difference of halo nevus and vitiligo is the different position.Halo nevus is around pigmented nevus,but vitiligo is at every position of human skin.But finally, both of them will change into white spot.The essence of them are basically the same,which is the decrease and disappearance of melanin.The treatment methods are similar.And halovenus can be thought to be one of vitiligo.

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