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Initial Symptoms of Vitiligo

Initial Symptoms of Vitiligo,Vitiligo Vitiligo is a skin disease, which will cause severe damage on people skin. In our daily life, we should pay attention to the relapse. If you have got vitiligo, you should came the hospital early. And we should have a common knowledge of vitiligo early. Now we will know about the initial symptoms of vitiligo.

The initial symptoms are not obvious, so we should do the specialist test. The early treatment is the key for vitiligo recovery.

The white spots are smooth white spot, and normally it is not itching or pain without scales symptoms. Some cases may occur the itching symptoms that show the vitiligo will spread. The patient’s skin will show light red condition under the sun, but the smooth white spots should be pay enough attention.

The color of white is not too obvious, and it is a light white or brown color. The age, attack area are no business with the vitiligo onset.

The attack areas usually shown on the skin without clothing covered areas, or some of the parts that are usually scratching. The common areas are face, neck, hands and feet, even stomach.

The sizes are usually dots, small sizes that are not easy to figure out. Some patients ignore the small skin problem, then you delay the best treatment time. Because vitiligo can spread and it can occur again and again.

The early tests are necessary, like wood lamp, blood test and so on.

There are many cause, we should figure out your causes, and treat from the concrete causes, there will show a fast and obvious effect. The early stage vitiligo is easy to treat than the late stage vitiligo that will show a big area and the color is porcelain white and smooth without vein. Then the skin may lose the normal function of skin that is hard to treat.

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