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What is the symptom of vitiligo?

acral vitiligo It appears to be the depigmentation white spot. And it is milk white spot and patch, having a clear boundary and brown edge. The hair will be white or normal, but will be no change of skin atrophy, harden phenomenon, desquamated phenomena. It usually appears on face, neck, waist, abdomen, sacrococcygeal region, forearm and finger back. In the development period, the lesion will gradually enlarge. In stable period, the lesion will stop developing and edge pigment will increase, or there will be island brown spot in the center.

The early symptom of vitiligo:

There will be no subjective symptom. Some patients will get local itch sensation on the exposure position and friction injury position before the disease or during the disease. And then there will be symmetric distribution depigmentation spot. It is usually milk white, also pink. The surface is smooth and the boundary is clear.

The clinical expression:

1. It starts at any age. About half of them get the disease before 20 years old. Any positions can get it around the body. But it is usually on face, neck,forearm and the back of hand. It can appear throughout the human body skin, mouth and genital mucosa of different sizes, single or multiple irregular white patches. The area will gradually enlarge and the number will increase. Some patients only get 1~2 pieces well-defined spot. Some can involve most of the positions around the body. The decoloring degree can present different hue. The hue can be divided into three kinds, and it is white, pale, and nearly normal color of skin. Some can become white completely. The around skin is reddish or hoary. The white spot can become white or normal.

2. Generally speaking, the white spot and normal skin have clear boundary. But if you are in development period, the edge will become vague. Some will get diffusion halo ring around the white spot and its color is between normal skin and white spot. The hair can be white or normal or chequered with black and white. After exposure, it will generate erythema even blister. After inflammation, the range will enlarge. It is a kind of chronic disease and can be with patients all the time.

3. The vitiligo type:

(1)Localized vitiligo: The white spot can be single or gathers in one position.

(2)Distributing vitiligo:The white spot is dispersive and the size is not the same. Usually be symmetric distribution

(3)Generalized vitiligo:The vitiligo area is about half of the body.

(4)Acral vitiligo:It starts on the body acra(face, finger, toe) and usually on these positions. Few can generate on body.

(5)Segmental vitiligo: The vitiligo can distribute along with some nerve distribution area.

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