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Which Degree of Vitiligo Shows the Best Effect

Which Degree of Vitiligo Shows the Best Effect,VitiligoBasing on the white color degree the vitiligo can be divided into 4 types. And the different degrees show different conditions of vitiligo.

The first degree white patch’s boundary is not clear, showing a cloud form. The surface skin vein is normal. The pilosebaceous orifice is normal and without blocked condition. This degree vitiligo normally located in the active stage, once if it spread to the other areas, it will rapidly spread, so you need to control it as soon as possible.

The second degree shows a clear or obstreat boundary, the surface skin vein starts to turn obstreat. Rare patients or one patient’s white patch’s surface vein can be seen, but it is not clear, but the most cases are clear. The minority patients’ pilosebaceous orifice is blocked.

The third degree white patch’s boundary is basically clear, the surface skin vein is not clear, and the pilosebaceous orifice is basically blocked.

The Fourth Degree porcelain white patch color shows the chinaware color that can reflect light. The skin surface vein and pilosebaceous orifice will basically disappear. The local blood circulation is severely blocked, in the same time, the white patches will turn hard and thick.

Different degree vitiligo show different treatment effects, and from the attack areas, the face is faster than breast, while the breast is faster than the four limbs.

And we’d better have a accurate diagnosis for vitiligo. Some obstreat whit spots can’t be seen by eyes, which need apply for medical test facilities to test.

Wood lamp is helpful to judge chromatosis nuance, melanin absorbs whole wave uv light. If the melanin decreases, the white patch can reflect light strongly and show a light color. If the pigment is more, the reflective capability of light will also weak, so there is dark color. The wood lamp is used to test the melanin degree of skin to check the surface melanin broken degree ( freckle), the light can let melanin turn deep color, while the corium melanin won’t such feature, then we can find the location of melanin. Under the wood lamp, vitiligo epidermic pigment is more obvious, while the epidermic pigment is not obvious under the wood lamp.

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