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Combined Vitiligo Treatments of TCM and Western Treatments

Combined Vitiligo Treatments of TCM and Western Treatments,Vitiligo In china, there is a system of treatment to treat vitiligo from external as well as internal aspects.

The UM-D Multi Dimensions is an international large-scalp vitiligo specialist diagnosis and treatment institution, which depends on 150 000 vitiligo clinic patients treatment experiences to make diagnosis and treatment model that bases on the complication of vitiligo triggers to apply a round-aspects, stereo treatments scheme. Its system has received the international attentions and care.

(1)The diagnose and tests for vitiligo 

a. Physical patient test

b. The Woods lamp on skin

c. Skin CT of white spots and normal skin

d. The Blood test(trace elements, immune system, biochemistry test, routine tests)

e. The Chinese diagnosis and consultation

Many vitiligo patients get treatments of vitiligo but without obvious effects, which is because the triggers and vitiligo disease type are not clear. Reasonable and accurate patients tests will assist the expert to figure out the type, stage, and the expert can make the most effective treatments scheme for every patient.

(2)UM-D Multi Dimensions System includes following 10 types of treatments:

1. The Chinese medicine steaming, medical five elements bath therapy

2. The Chinese medication: to adjust people’s whole body yin-yang balance, promote the internal organs normal functions, and treat the vitiligo formation causes and elements.

3. The Silicon light therapy: through silicon light electromagnetic wave accurately target at the melanocyte, stimulate pigment move to white spots.

4. The blood thearpy: remove the blood radical and provide nutrition environment for melanin growth.

5. 308 nm excimer laser treatment: to increase melanocyte volume, enhance monophenyl oxidase activilty, and promote melanocyte combination.

6. All positions laser: to stimulate melanin to combine.

7. MRA therapy: to improve local tissue blood circulation.

8. The electronic acupuncture therapy: it will utilize acupuncture point therapy to adjust patient’s immune system as well as internal organs metabolism.

9. The local Chinese medicine electric frequency therapy: to target at local stubborn vitiligo to add this treatment.

10. Skin grafting: this will only treat the stubborn and stable type of vitiligo condition to use this effective treatment without obvious pain nor big trauma on skin of patients.

Above treatments belong to the UM-D treatments system.

UM-D treatment system targets at every patient to make the concrete treatments plan, which with the obvious advantage that is superior than the treatment without accurate diagnosis and clear type. The system takes advantage of various large-scale treatment facilities and Chinese herb medication, and which also takes the patients’ self physical conditions into consideration to decrease or avoid side effects. It also avoids the side effects of medicine abuse to hurt your kidney, liver and so on.

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