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The Features of Dot-Based Vitiligo

The features of Dot-Based vitiligoAlthough vitiligo all show white spots, while there are still various types of vitiligo. The white spots size and color are also different. Basing on the features we can divide vitiligo to different types, one of those types of vitiligo is dot-based vitiligo.

Cluster white dot type of vitiligo’s disease source normally based on the follicle center and show pigment color loss little dots which can spread to the bigger round ones, which combine the little ones to form a cluster type vitiligo. The little ones are the satellite vitiligo source, the whole body can show many areas disease source. The active stage, the small ones can enlarge and emerge, let all the clusters source combined to a big one. In the emerged process, the white spots and normal skin show together like a piebald formed a big area.

The middle age female and male adults are easy to get it, and the patients are mostly fat. Patients usually accompany with melanin deposit diseases like mole, chloasma, freckles and so on. The attack areas are normally breast, back and arms. Cluster vitiligo should be distinguished from chromophytosis. We should treat it the early the better, or it will emerge to the big area that is difficult to treat and costly. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital’s experts hope the vitiligo patients don’t wait, the time is money as well as effect.

The treatments of vitiligo should also base on the different stage, type, skin color and personal condition. Then the individual treatment plan of treatment scheme is quiet effective and obvious.

It is treated as an immune disorder disease, some patients with family history. So the early cautions of vitiligo are much better than treatment when it already occurred.

And the early specialist treatments and pay attention to the triggers, the vitiligo can get obvious effects. And not all people will get vitiligo when his or her relatives have vitiligo.

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