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What is the isomorphic reaction of vitiligo?

vitiligo symptomThe causes of vitiligo are quite complicated . Lots of factors can induce or aggravate vitiligo, and isomorphic reaction is also one of the triggering factors of vitiligo. So what is isomorphic reaction of vitiligo? Here are some brief introductions.

Vitiligo isomorphic reaction is a kind of phenomenon that local white spots enlarge and increase, which is caused by the skin inflammation or trauma. Research data indicate that although the pathogenesis of isomorphic reaction is still not very clear, the researches confirm that isomorphic reaction may belong to autoimmunity phenomenon. There are many factors inducing isomorphic reaction, and the most common factors are the stimulation factors of external liquid medicine and various skin inflammation (such as eczema and allergic dermatitis). Other factors in turn are surgery stimulation, trauma, mechanical compression, massage and local infection. The white spots triggered by isomorphic reaction are mainly located in inflammation and trauma parts and then gradually spread to other positions.

Therefore, it is quite important for us to avoid the isomorphic reaction to induce vitiligo spreading. In daily life, there are some things for vitiligo patients to pay attention to.

First, don’t touch harmful substance. Avoid some hazardous phenols chemical substance, such as antioxidants light quinone derivatives which is the material of rubber protective gloves. And don’t use the sandal made from synthetic rubber.

Second, reduce harmful substance from the mouth. Vegetables and fruits should be washed repeatedly before eating so that to avoid taking remained pesticide and other toxic substance. Don’t eat food containing too much heavy metallic salt, such as mercury, lead and other heavy metallic salt.

Third, stop the harmful substance from getting into our respiratory tract. Don’t do strenuous exercise on the road or in foggy weather.

Last, reduce long-time ultraviolet ray irradiation. If you are exposed in the strong light for a long time, you should take protective measures. For example, when you travel or have a sunbath, you should smear sun cream on the outside skin.

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