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The Features of Children Segmental Vitiligo

The Features of Children Segmental Vitiligo,VitiligoVitiligo can be divided into many forms and the children can also get segmental vitiligo. There are some features of vitiligo. And if there are also the patients with segmental vitiligo, we can know about it.

There are the features of children segmental vitiligo.

1. Most cases have the local injury cause.

2. Low heredity.

3. No one case accompany with halo nevus.

All of those features show that the segmental vitiligo nosogenesis is different from the normal type vitiligo. The children developing vitiligo stage has a high rate.

The active patients have a high rate, the children vitiligo active stage also high, but the whole date of vitiligo is not too high. The children vitiligo usually shows a good treatment effect, and the reoccurrence rate of vitiligo for children is low. Therefore, the Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital expert group advice the children should get early diagnosis and early treatment.

In clinic cases, some circle sports vitiligo patients also have mouse, tonsil diseases. If repeatedly occur oral ulcers, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and easy to catch a cold. This type will use acupoint catgut embedding, plum blossom needle and other treatments to increase the immune system and resistance of disease. Avoiding pharyngitis, tonsillitis and prevent vitiligo will help good condition to clean barriers of repigmentation.

There are many triggers that can worsen vitiligo.

1. Vitamin C.

2. Lamp

3. Seafood

4. Pressure

5. Sun exposure

6. Injury

7. Weather change, especially the hot weather.

9. Infection

10. Abuse of hormone medicine and cream

So we should also pay attention to the triggers of vitiligo, then you can prevent the relapse and the development of vitiligo. That is the most simple way to treat vitiligo.

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