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Vitiligo is not contagious but has heredity.

vitiligo symptomOn the traditional cognition, a lot of people thinks the sudden appearance of white patches or white spots is just vitiligo. In fact, it is not all the same. In order to let everyone know more knowledge about vitiligo, we will introduction more information about vitiligo.You know, not all white spots are the vitiligo.

Doctors tell us that from the medical point of view, the white spot is mainly divided into two categories. One kind is decreased pigment spots (such as tinea versicolor, pure white spot). Another kind is a disfiguring spot (such as vitiligo, idiopathic dot white spot, etc.).It means the affected area has no pigment. Depigmentation spots are whiter than decreased pigment spots. Vitiligo belongs to a disfiguring spot. Therefore,people who have white spots don't have to worry too much. Not all white spots are the vitiligo.

Vitiligo is mainly judged by a rash. It appears to be the different size and shape. Any parts of the whole body skin can happen. The disease occurs in all ages, from infants to adults can all occur. In clinic, the young account for large proportion. And dark-skinned people is of higher incidence than the people of shallow skin color. In our country, population prevalence is about 0.1% to 2%.

If parents have vitiligo, there will be a higher prevalence of vitiligo in their children.

Some patients may be not familiar with vitiligo and are afraid to contact with patients with vitiligo and afraid of its infection. Don't have to worry about this. Normal people don’t need to worry about vitiligo infectivity, because vitiligo is not contagious. But if parents suffer from vitiligo, because vitiligo has a genetic predisposition, then the child will risk is higher coincidence.

The cause of vitiligo is not clear, and it is thought to be more related with destruction of melanin cells themselves, autoimmune diseases such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism and so on. Mental factors and mechanical stimulation, surgery, trauma, acupuncture and a variety of incentives can cause vitiligo. What’s more, vitiligo has a tendency to spread. If not be treated timely, white spot will be more and more a big influence faces. It can have a fever, pain, blisters and other symptoms after sunburn.

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