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What should vitiligo patients do in different seasons?

vitiligo treatmentThe vitiligo condition can not change greatly with the change of season. Patients should not misunderstand that vitiligo will disappear at one day. And if your vitiligo condition is getting better, don’t neglect the treatment.

It is important to protect your skin from the sunburn.

Vitiligo is a common and multiple pigmented dermatosis. The disease is featured with local or generalized depigmentation and is a kind of acquired or generalized skin pigment disorder disease. It will greatly affect the appearance. Although vitiligo is easy to make a diagnosis, the treatment will be hard. Therefore, many people will be desperate and pessimistic about it.

Some patients feel that the condition will aggravate in summer and alleviate in winter. And then they will pay more attention to nursing and treatment in summer and neglect the treatment in winter. Actually, vitiligo will happen all the year round. The reason why it aggravate in summer may be related to the exposure in the sunlight. The most important for patients is to make enough preparation on sun block.

At the same time, in summer, the normal skin around white spots will be tanned or will get hyperpigmentation, and the white spots will only get red and have no increase of pigment. Then, it may look a big contrast with the normal skin color, which will be misunderstood the aggravation of condition. Then arose the unnecessary panic.

However, in winter, the illumination intensity will decrease and the time of irradiation will be short so people’s skin color will be pale. The contrast between normal color and white spots will be narrowed and not obvious. It cause a false appearance that your vitiligo is improving.

Then, at any seasons, don’t take too much vitamin C or vitamin E, such as kiwi fruit, orange, tomato. Pay attention to your diet is quite important.

If you want a further knowledge about vitiligo causes, you can send your own problem to vitiligocure@hotmail.com and we will give you a professional solution. After all, the symptoms are similar, but the real conditions are different.To treat this illness,we need to find the authentic pathogenesis according to different conditions of different patients.

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