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What is the symptom of development vitiligo?

vitiligo symptomVitiligo is a common disease nowadays, which will greatly change the appearance of patients. And the spread of vitiligo will also make patients feel self-abased. The key for vitiligo treatment is to grasp the optimal treatment time and treat it as early as possible. You should take medicines according to the doctor’s suggestions and do a good job in nursing work and control the development of the your vitiligo condition.

Around the vitiligo focus, there will be depigmentation annular section. The color of depigmentation annular section is darker than white sports skin and lighter than normal skin. The diffusion edge is comparatively clear. The white spot is fuzzy and it can be complete annulus. There may be some depigmentation area around the white spots. In this case, the white usually spread to the around area slowly. It needs proper treatment and medicine to control its development. Or it will spread constantly to the whole body. And patients’ bodies will be greatly affected, which is a serious phenomenon we can not neglect.

With the continuous development of vitiligo condition, the pigment will spread rapidly and blend into the white spots. And many patients will become much caught in the painful emotion. On the one hand, the bad change of their appearance will lead to mental pressure. On the other hand, patients’ physical condition will also be gradually worse. Without correct protective measures, the condition will be uncontrolled. Therefore, it is necessary for patients to take positive attitude and treatment.

Vitiligo can be divided to development period, stable period, and recovery period. In development period, the quantity of white spots will increase. The primary spots will move and enlarge to other normal skin area. Or other positions will appear new spots and the edge between white spots and normal skin will be fuzzy. And in stable period, the white spots will stop developing and the edge will be clear compared with normal skin. In recovery period, the primary lesion will gradually narrow and the melanin will increase. There will be aureole around white spots and the center will appear pigment island. They will gradually blend into pieces.

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