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The symptom of acral vitiligo

acral vitiligoVitiligo can be divided into various types according to different standards. According to the development stage, it can be segmented to development period and stationary period. According to the the white spots color, it can divided to complete vitiligo and incomplete vitiligo. According to the position, range and shape, it can be divided to four types: local vitiligo, generalized vitiligo, segmental vitiligo, distributing type of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin depigmentation disease related to the whole human body, especially the internal body, such as internal viscera function, immunity function, various nutrition deficiency, trace elements and etc, which can cause considerable psychological pressure to vitiligo patients. Generally speaking, vitiligo is comparatively difficult to treat, especially acral vitiligo. It is appearing on arms, legs, fingers, and joints, which is considered difficult to treat. And the general treatment for acral vitiligo has little effect and poor response.

The symptom of acral vitiligo: The lesion can be in every positions of human body, but more common on the back, wrist, forearm, neck and genitals. Distributing symmetrically or unilaterally, even is banding shape distributing along the nerve. The symptom is main the white spots, which can disappear itself. After exposure in summer, some patients’ white spots central pigment or fringe pigment can regenerate. But it can disappear in winter. The lesion pigment can disappear completely and present to be porcelain white with clear boundary. After exposure, it can appear red spots.

At the initial stage, it is light white and local depigmentation. With the condition development, the condition will aggravate and transit to milk white, cloudy white and porcelain white. There are no scale and incrustation on skin surface, and no skin atrophy. The hair at skin lesions can be affected to become to be white.

The acral vitiligo is at exposed area without the protection of clothes. The sunlight irradiation can make the white spots become red,painful and blister.

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