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What is the difference between vitiligo and nevus anemicus?

The difference between vitiligo and nevus anemicusFor vitiligo patients, early white spots are quite difficult for patients to distinguish. Because white spots may be vitiligo , also may be nevus anemicus. The diagnosis for your condition plays an important role in the later specific treatment. Accurately know the symptoms of vitiligo and anemicus will be of meaningful significance to identify this two diseases. The following are the differences between vitiligo and nevus anemicus, which will better help you make specific treatment.

Experts say that vitiligo is a kind of idiopathic skin depigmentation disorder, which is mainly caused by the tyrosinase system function decrease or disappearance of human skin and hair follicle melanophore. However, nevus anemicus is a kind of geneogenous circumscribed blood vessels development deficiency. It is because of the deficiency of blood vessel structure defect. The vessels become more sensitive to catecholamine and then get in contraction state, thus making the skin get light white spots. The two diseases belong to complete different diseases.

1. The white spots of vitiligo is usually pure white and the nevus anemicus color is light white. The early white spots of vitiligo is not complete decoloration, and when the boundary pigment increase, it has a fuzzy boundary with the normal skin. Patients can not identify it clearly with nevus anemicus just by eyes.

2. Patients can distinguish vitiligo and nevus anemicus by flapping the lesion positions. In principle, the two diseases are completely different. Clinical researches find that nevus anemicus can not get congestion reaction after friction. But the vessels function in vitiligo lesion positions is normal, therefore, after friction or slap, there will be local congestion reaction and the lesion positions will get red.

3. The skin pigment in lesion positions of nevus anemicus is normal, so the normal skin around lesion positions after pressing and losing blood will be the same with lesion color. But for vitiligo, there will not be this kind of phenomenon.

If patients can not make accurate diagnosis about your disease, you should not take measures yourself. Doctors suggest to go to a professional vitiligo hospital. Although the difference of their symptoms are different, the difference by eyes is slightly. In this case, it will lead to the misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. Therefore, it is necessary for you to go to professional vitiligo hospital.

If you want a further knowledge about vitiligo causes, you can send your own problem to vitiligocure@hotmail.com and we will give you a professional solution. After all, the symptoms are similar, but the real conditions are different.To treat this illness,we need to find the authentic pathogenesis according to different conditions of different patients.

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