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Complications of Vitiligo

When some one has vitiligo, in this article, there are few complications of the vitiligo, in this article. I will talk three of the complications. The vitiligo may affect the vision, the full blood count. The white spot may also appear on the perineum part of the women.

Does the vitiligo patient need do the blood test?

On clinical practice, the most of the vitiligo patient have a good healthy status. However t recent years, the study shows that, some vitiligo patient may diagnose anemia. Amount of the white blood cells or platelet will decrease. And the doctor may detect some autoantibody in their blood. These will show that the patient may have some pathological changes on their body. Therefore, it is necessary to test the blood if it’s possible.

Vision problem for the vitiligo patient

The occurrence of vitiligo is closely related with melanin depigmentation. The melanocytes also exist in the human’s eyes. Melanocytes are mainly distributed in the retina pigment and sclera membrane between choroid membranes. Once the pigment epithelial cells is damaged, it will lead to the relevant pathological changes, such as retinal will become tigroid. The data shows that it usually increased in the focal pigment at the abnormal retina for the vitiligo patient, but the normal person rarely have this symptom. Choroid membrane is the outer layer of the pigment cells and capillary. When the choroid membrane is destroyed, it would cause hyperplasia of gliocyte or appear some yellow lesions. It indicates that intraocular pigment is abnormal for the vitiligo patient.

It appears whit spot in the perineum area of the women

There are many reasons to cause the depigmented macules in the perineum area of the women.

The white spot may appear on the other part of the body first, it develop on the perineum part on the later stage. The white spot may appear on the perineum or other part of the body at the same time. And the relevant date shows that it’s not necessary to treat if there is only vitiligo but no inflammation on the perineum part.

Here are some disease may cause the white spots. It may arise on the perineum area. The first disease is sclerotic atrophic lichen, it is a chronic atrophic disease, it may cause patient feel itchiness, and sometimes it may need to do a tissue examination to distinguish from other disease. Vulva leukoderma also consider as a cancerous disease. According to the General estimation. The canceration rate is from 5% to 10% to those patients who have a chronic Vulva leukoderma disease. The third disease is the vulva dermatitis includes the eczema and neurodermatitis.

In conclusion, they need to more aware the complications of vitiligo. Such as vision problem, anemia, decreased of white blood cells, decreased of platelet. Some times the white spot may arouse on the perineum area of the women. If there are any spreading or abnormalities for the vitiligo patient. They have to see doctor as soon as possible.

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