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Clinical Manifestation of the Vitiligo

symtoms of vitiligoThe clinical manifestation shows there are three major types of the vitiligo disease, for example circumscribed type, separated type, and generalized type. So this article will introduce you three main types of vitiligo.

There is no obvious difference in gender, every group has the chance to get this disease, but the teenager is the most population of getting this disease. Skin lesion is a pigmented macules. It usually is the milky white, or a pale pink. The surface is smooth and without rashes. The margin of the white spot is clear. Margin area’s pigment is more obvious than the normal skin for vitiligo patient. Skin hair is normal or white on the white spot area. The vitiligo are more likely to occur on the lesion part of skin, or the area which usually exposure to the sun. The lesion always distribute symmetrically. The vitiligo also always distribute like the nerve segments. It arranges the nerve segments in a zonation order. Except the skin, mouth, lips, and inner layer of the foreskin mucous membrane will also be injured. This disease don’t present some obvious symptoms, a few patients will feel itchiness before the onset of the vitiligo. The vitiligo patient may also have some autoimmune disease. For example, diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal gland dysfunction, scleroderma, atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata etcspecific etc.

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