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Early Symptoms of Vitiligo in Face

Vitiligo symptomsMost vitiligo patients are intereted in the information about early symptoms of vitiligo in face, because vitiligo on other parts of the body can be covered by clothes, but vitiligo on face can not, so treatment is the very important way to cover it. So, what are the early symptoms of vitiligo? Here we will talk about it in detail.

First, local part of the face skin manifested with milky white patches, the hair in lesion can be normal or white. Usually patients will not have any feelings like pain or itching, so if the area of vitiligo is large, they may sometimes have some kind of burning sensation after sunshine exposure in summer. The causes for facial vitiligo is rather complicated, in recent years, someone thinks that it may be connected with immune disorder. Also someone finds that the micro-elements in patient’s body is low, like copper, zinc, iron, etc. So, they think that it is caused by decreased micro-elements or metabolic disturbance of bio-enzyme.

Second, early facial vitiligo usually manifested with round or irregular pure white patches, with smooth surface and clear margin, and increased pigment at the margin. The skin turned white will be sensitive to sunshine, and will turn to red when exposed to sunshine. And it develops slowly and expands gradually, and stops when they mixed together or when it develops to certain extent. The early facial vitiligo is usually very small and last for short time, but if treated as early as possible, patients usually can get very good outcome. So, early treatment is very important.

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