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What Are The Early Symptoms of Vitiligo

What are the early symptoms of vitiligoThe best time for treatment of all disease is the early stage, but most patients always miss the best time, because they don’t know the early symptoms of the disease, like vitiligo, it is difficult to find the early symptoms, so patients should pay special attention to it. Here we will talk about it in detail.

Skin injury is the early symptoms of vitiligo, but they don’t have any discomforts like pain or itching. And the area at early stage is usually very small, mostly like nail or coin size, round or oval shape, and the color is usually very light, which is also the reason why patients usually ignore it. And if the disease is not treated at the early stage, then it will advance, so is vitiligo, the vitiligo nearby will mix together which will affect appearance.

The color of vitiligo will change with progression of the disease, mainly manifested with milky white, pure white or white patches, and it can occur to any part of the body, mostly in trunk, limbs, neck and face, etc.

At early stage of vitiligo, there usually will be a slightly raised inflammatory dark red ling at the margin of vitiligo which can lasts for about few weeks. And the change at the early stage is not very obvious, so it will usually be neglected. And some white patches without pigment and vague margin, sometimes, it is difficult to identify at the beginning.

There are many things that can lead to vitiligo, patients should take see a doctor and take treatment as early as possible once they find any abnormality. Keep good mood and face your disease bravely, take treatment positively following your doctor’s advices so that you can recover from it as early as possible too.

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