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How Will Vitiligo Affect Human Eyesight

How will vitiligo affect human eyesightThe onset of vitiligo will cause some bad influences to human eyesight, but the influence is not very serious. Vitiligo patients’ retina will have abnormal phenomenon. There will be slight or circumscribed retina lesions form most parts of vitiligo patients. And vitiligo can also make retina atrophy. Some vitiligo patients will get nyctalopia and even get retinitis.

Vitiligo belongs to a kind of malignant dermatosis. Because of the deficiency of melanophore function, human skin will directly appear some white spots. Once get vitiligo, it will also arouse homologous lesions. For example, the distribution of melanophore in human eyes will be damaged by retina and sclera.

Vitiligo patients’ retina will become abnormal, and their focal pigment will increase. This phenomenon will also happen to normal person occasionally. If chromatophore and capillary suffer from serious damage and lesions, it will cause choroid and directly make spongiocyte get reactive hyperplasia. Vitiligo patients will have abnormal pigment in their eyes.

Besides, minority vitiligo patients will have the symptom of retina epithelium amotio. Part of vitiligo patients will get slight and circumscribed lesion characteristics, and part of patients will get generalized, fan-shaped atrophy symptom.

In a word, vitiligo will not cause too serious damage to human eyes, and it will not affect people’s normal eyesight. But it will cause certain damage to people’s eyes. Some phototherapy will have some radiation. Therefore, vitiligo patients should go to normal vitiligo hospital to get professional treatment.

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