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What Tests Should Vitiligo Patients Do

Vitiligo is a kind of common skin disease, which is focal white patches due to acquired pigment loss. Although this disease will not threaten life, but it will stress patients greatly. The earlier they have it treated, the earlier they can get rid the sufferings, and choosing the right specialized tests will help diagnose and treat the disease correctly.

First, microelements test

Usually, the copper in vitiligo patient’s body is low, so microelement test is one of the way to find out the exact causes for vitiligo. If serum copper, ceruloplasmin in vitiligo patients is low, that will lead to less synthesis of melanin, and cause vitiligo.

Second, Tissue section

Tissue section is one of the most useful test to check vitiligo. If they have vitiligo, then the concentration of melanophore in the lesion during activation of vitiligo will decrease, and melanophore around will grow bigger obviously, and there isn’t melanophore in pigment loss lesion during later period. Tissue section is to choose small slice of tisse from the newly onset and typical lesion from patients after local infiltration anesthesia to do pathological analysis.

Third ultraviolet radiation

It is a very common clinical testing method which is widely used as test for abnormal pigment disease, like the assisting ways to diagnose vitiligo and prognosis. With the test, we can diagnose if it is vitiligo through absorption of all-wave ultraviolet by melanophore.

Fourth, blood test.

It is very necessary to do some blood test before and during vitiligo treatment, because doctors can find abnormalities and potential internal changes. Finding out the exact reason for disease can help increase success rate and recover from vitiligo.

(1) Blood gas analysis: check Ph value, compared with 100 cases of normal person, among 100 vitiligo patients, their ph value is 7.3650 in average, and that of normal person is about 7.3888, so ph value of vitiligo patients is slightly lower than that of normal people.

(2) Blood routine test: most of vitiligo patients have anemia, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia when checked by blood routine test,

(3) Immune abnormality: it is found that there are various autoantibodies in the serum of vitiligo patients, including thyroglobulin, antithyroid microsome, anti-parietal cell antibody, antiadrenergic antibody, anti-smooth muscle antibody, anti-myocardial antibody, anti-insulin, anti-platelet, antinuclear antibodies, etc. The ratio for positive tests ranges from 8.2%~50%.

Above are the tests for vitiligo patients, hope that it is helpful for patients. And we hope that they should pay enough attention to it, if there is any sign of vitiligo, patients should go to see specialized doctors as early as possible and have it treated in time.

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