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How to Diagnose Distributing Type of Vitiligo

distributing type of vitiligoVitiligo specialists indicate that distributing type of vitiligo is one kind of vitiligo. Distributing type of vitiligo is mainly small pieces, distributing on every positions of human body. Without positive and proper care, it will be easy to spread to generalized vitiligo. Therefore, vitiligo patients should choose professional treatment. In daily life, how to diagnose distributing type of vitiligo?

In fact, for every vitiligo type, the clinical characteristic is different. The characteristic of distributing type of vitiligo is that white spots distribute on various positions of human body dispersedly, presenting certain symmetry. This is the main symptom of distributing type of vitiligo, which can be used to distinguish with other types of vitiligo. For example, local vitiligo is usually concentrated distribution, on one position, not many positions, and don’t present symmetry. But for distributing type of vitiligo, if patients’ left hand back get one piece of white spot, usually, the right hand back will get one spot at the same time. This kind of vitiligo type is usually symmetrical, so patients should be more careful in this aspect.

Besides, distributing type of vitiligo has small area. Generally specking, it is no more than 50% of human body, which is a main basis to distinguish with generalized vitiligo. Many vitiligo patients think that, if vitiligo distributes on many positions, it is generalized vitiligo. In fact, that was not the case. As if the area is no more than 50%, it should be distributing type. But if vitiligo aggravate, the white spots area will expand. Once exceed 50%, it means the vitiligo has changed to generalized vitiligo.

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