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Vitiligo and The Clinical Tests

Vitiligo and The clinical testsAt the early stage of vitiligo, the symptoms are always not obvious which will be ignored easily, and the treatment will become relatively difficult when their condition become severe. That is why patients are always bother a lot by vitiligo and have to bear big expenses. But you know, if patients can take treatment at the early stage, they can recover very soon. So, at the early stage, necessary tests become very important for early diagnosis. So, what are those clinical tests?

First rub or flap test: Rub or flap the vitiligo and the area around with hand, and observe if there is any change in lesion when the area around turns red. If the lesion turn white when the area around turns red, it suggests nevus anemicus, because like the area around the lesion, the vitiligo parts also will turn red after being rubbed or flapped.

Second, Skin sensation test, including temperature, pain, and sensation of touch test. The sensation of the skin in vitiligo area is normal, and patients with Leprous leukoderma will have superficial sensation injury, including degradation or vanishment of the above-mentioned senstation.

Third, Ultraviolet filtration test (Wood light test): Some time, it is not easy to discover the the light patches in normal skin or white skin with naked eyes, but the injuries of vitiligo under wood light is pure white fluorescence, which will become obvious comparison with normal skin around the lesion and the margin is very clear. Especially when hair follicle compound color happens in vitiligo area, and the color compound is not obvious at the early stage under natural light, but we can confirm with wood light. Amelanotic nevus, pityliasis alba, decreased pigment spots after tuberous sclerosis or after inflammation, leprous leukoderma, etc. will show yellow white or grey white without fluorescence under wood light; tinea versicolor shows brown yellow or yellow white fluorescence; No shows if it is nevus anemicus injury.

If there is vitiligo on skin, there will surely be some relevant symptoms and manifestations on skin. So at this time, patients should go to specialized hospital for diagnosis and treatment. But if chronic skin disease like vitiligo lasts for long time without proper treatment, it will greatly affect patient’s physical and psychological health. So, patients should pay enough attention to it, and get rid of other’s discrimination as early as possible.

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