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There Are Two Main Types of Vitiligo

There are two main types of vitiligoThere are two main types of vitiligo, generalized type and the segmental type, a skin disease in which portions of the skin and hair lose their color and appear lighter than the surrounding areas.

Non-segmental vitiligo, the most common type, affects both sides of the body and often begins on the hands or face. It tends to affect people over the course of their lives, covering larger and larger areas of skin.

Generalized type:

1. For the focal type white patches: there are variable in size for white patches, and it distribute in isolation or groups at the certain part of the body. This type manifests as one or more areas of pigment loss on only one。

2. Distributive vitiligo: the white patches are divided to scattered type, multiple type, and symmetrical distribution type. The vitiligo area not more than the 50% of the whole body surface.

3. Universal vitiligo: the universal type of white patches almost developed from the distributive vitiligo. The white patches integrate together and form irregular large patches. It exists all over the body, sometimes it only remain few island normal skin color. The white patches all This is complete or nearly complete depigmentation.

4. Acrofacial white patches. The white patches start from the acra of the body. Such as the facial, the hand and the foot joint.

Segmental type

Segmental vitiligo often begins when someone is young and only affects one part of the body, such as the face or one limb (and not the other). After growing for about a year, the condition usually stops spreading. The segmental type is called laterality type, this type of vitiligo distributed along with the ganglion. Generally we think the segmental type of vitiligo is caused by the neural factors, and it is difficulty to treat for this type.

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