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How to better diagnose vitiligo

Vitiligo symptomsHow to better diagnose vitiligo? Usually, the typical symptom of vitiligo is white spots, but not all white spots are surely vitiligo, well vitiligo will surely manifest with white spots. So how to better diagnose vitiligo? Let’s see how experts explain in detail.

Self-diagnosis first, patients have vary-sized simple or multiple irregular white patches on their body like skin, mouth or mucous membrane of externalia, and the white spots become larger and more. Although vitiligo manifests with white patches, but the color can be different according to different condition of pigment loss, some can be light white, milky white, cloudy white or china white.

Second, Vitiligo is sensative to ultraviolet or sunshine, and will turn to red and they will have senstation of burning, blister, itching, and the vitiligo will advance in some severe cases. So, we suggest that patients should not expose the skin to sunshine for long, especially during summer or noon when ultraviolet is very strong.

Third, usually the surface of vitiligo is smooth without scales or scar, and they still have normal senstation and secretion function. But in some cases, patients will feel itching or extremely itching at the vitiligo, which can be seen during the progression or when treatment works. Also in some cases, patients have sweating with odd smell.

So, examine carefully, see if the surface is smooth without scale, and it might be vitiligo if the vitiligo manifests with light white or milky white with unclear margin or white patches expands to normal skin around it. We can make definite diagnosis only when we see the white patches. Some patients did not get improvement and lose confidence after taking long time herb medicine, but what we should know is that our body will have various of problems after having been working for so many years, so it takes some time to regulate. So, patients should be patient.

And how to better diagnose vitiligo? The above information explained it in detail, which we hope is helpful for you. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask our online experts or write to us.

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