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How To Distinguish Developmental Vitiligo and Stable Vitiligo

different vitiligo periodsAccording to vitiligo development condition, we can divide vitiligo into two period in clinic, developmental period and stable period. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish these two periods vitiligo and make specific treatment based on your vitiligo condition. But how to distinguish them?

First, you should make whether your vitiligo is developing or not. If your vitiligo does not expand in half one year and there is no new white spots, it is stable vitiligo. On the contrary, if your vitiligo does not spread in half an year, or there are new white spots on your body, it is developmental vitiligo. Of course, it is relative to see half an year as a time standard.

Second, you can see the sign. If your white spot has clear boundary, or the surrounded positions’ pigment has deepened, it is during stable period. If your white spot boundary is fuzzy, and has no obvious boundaries with normal skin, it is developmental vitiligo. Usually on the same patient body, there will be both clear realm white spot and fuzzy boundary white spot, indicating that some white spots are in the stationary state, other white spots are in the extended state. But the so-called stability and stationary phase refers to the patient whole condition. As long as there is a white spot expands or only one new white spot, it also suggests that your vitiligo is in the developmental period. Only all your vitiligo without expanding, band the boundary is clear and no new white spots, your vitiligo belongs to stability. This point is very important.

Third, the stability and development vitiligo is not absolute, and they often appear alternately. An incipient white spot is often round, oval or similar to round, after getting stable, the white spot will be clear. But due to some environmental factors, vitiligo condition will change from activity into progression again, white spot at this time is not such as proportion of radioactive expansion, but the white spot level will get fuzzy on the one side. And the boundary with normal skin line will disappear, and expand to the normal skin. Thus making the white spot present to be irregular shape. So white spots alternately repeat with stability and development period, making the white spots present like a map shaped appearance.

Developmental vitiligo and stable vitiligo have big difference on specific symptom in different periods. So people can judge their disease period through different conditions change in the skin. If you still can not identify the disease, you can go to the hospital to make clinical diagnosis. Get scientific treatment under the guidance of dermatologists.

Forth, patients should take different treatment measures during two different periods.

For vitiligo patients in remission, in order to prevent its recurrence, you should persist on consolidate treatment for a period of time even white spots disappear. Because after clinical cure, there will also be weak immunity and circulation function. Once the outside world or object changes, it may affect the effect of treatment.

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