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Does the Lesion Part of Vitiligo Have the Melancytes?

Does the lesion part of vitiligo have the melancytes? Whether there is melanin on the skin lesion part is depending on the skin. We have to according to the color’s shallow to judge the amount of the melanin.

1) If the color presents pale white on the skin lesion, this is the lightest type. Vitiligo color is pale compared to the normal color. It indicates that the melancytes function is declined on the white patches. The function hasn’t loss completely.

2) If the lesion part’s color present milky color, the vitiligo color look like milky shape. It indicates that the skin white patches melancytes function have been damaged two to three degree, and there are still 70% -80% function is remained.

3) If the skin lesion presents cloudy white, vitiligo’s color look like cloud, it means that the melancytes function have been declined to seven to eight degree, there only remain 20 % to 30% function of melancytes.

4) The skin lesion presents porcelain white. This is most severe type of skin lesion. The vitiligo’s color look like the tiles, it means that the melancytes function have been damaged to eight to ten degree. And it only remain the one or degree function. Even the whole melancytes degenerated, atrophy, or death.

So if we want to know whether there are some melancytes on the lesion part of skin, it need to know the stage of the melancytes, and the vitiligo’s condition, and the degree of the white patches. if the melancytes function haven’t totally gone. It is still possible to recover again. And even the melancytes have lost function even death, but transplantation of the melancytes can help to returre the original color. so the vitiligo patient no need to worry too much about their condition.

I really suggest the vitiligo patient have a treatment soon when they find any sings of the white patches appear on the skin. the cost is less, and the effect also is good.

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