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Can Vitiligo Patients Be Cured If Their Hair Gets White

vitiligo on hairIf vitiligo patients’ epidermal melanocytes are damaged, the melanophore in hair follicle may be still intact. The depigmentation in hair means the damage of melanophore repository. If vitiligo patients’ hair gets white, can this kind of condition be cured? Here are some introductions about this kind of condition.

Vitiligo patients’ hair usually get white first on hair, and then on eyebrow, armpit hair, pubes. For one patient, not all their hair can get depigmentation, single lesion can also cause sectional or whole hair get white. White hairs can appear on unilateral type or double type vitiligo, unilateral type is comparatively more.

The cause of vitiligo is the loss of melanin. When your vitiligo gets much serious, and your melanin disappears completely, your hairs at lesion positions will become white. This kind of condition is very stubborn. And the treatment difficulty will increase and the effect is slow. If vitiligo patients’ hair gets white, it doesn’t mean vitiligo can not be cured. As long as vitiligo patients persist on treatment, vitiligo is very possible to be cured.

There are many methods to treat vitiligo. For different periods and different types, the treatment methods are also different. Vitiligo patients must get professional and reasonable treatments. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to scientific diet, sleeping and exercise habits. Combine these together to defeat vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients can not use cosmetic blindly, because it will accelerate melanin loss. And vitiligo patients should cultivate good dietary habits.

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