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The Damages of Vitiligo

The damages of vitiligoBecause of pigment cells apoptosis, there will be depigmentation in human skin. Thus greatly decreasing skin’s ability to block ultraviolet ray. Therefore, if vitiligo patients have poor defense capability, their body will be easy to be damaged by ultraviolet ray and then arouse various diseases, such as photosensitive dermatitis.

Medical researches prove that compared to normal people, vitiligo patients have higher skin cancer morbidity. If vitiligo involves iris, then leads to the pigment in iris decreasing, it will be very easy to arouse cataract and other ophthalmic diseases. However, the biggest damage is that the onset of vitiligo will present an ugly appearance. In modern society, people are paying much attention to external beauty, vitiligo patients’ study, work, and marriage will suffer from great influences.

Undeniably, in society, many people have certain discrimination to vitiligo patients, leading to destructive strike to vitiligo patients’ selfrespect. And then arouse a series of mental illness. Psychological study indicates that vitiligo patients have some mental diseases to some extent. And in turn, these mental diseases will aggravate vitiligo condition, even make vitiligo develop explosively. Then it will arouse vicious circle, if vitiligo condition aggravated by mental diseases, this will arouse further mental problems.

Therefore, Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital will’s UMD multidimensional therapy divide vitiligo into ‘mental disease’ field. In clinic, vitiligo can arouse various complications.

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