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The Harm of the Vitiligo

The harm of the vitiligoAs we all know that every disease have harm to our body, but how does it do harm to our body? When we know the risk factors, know some common knowledge about vitiligo this disease, we can take some measures to protect ourselves from harming.

The vitiligo because of the pigment cells withered, so it causes the loss of the pigment, so it greatly lowers the ability of skin to resist UV ray. So the vitiligo patient has a low ability to defense UV ray, it easily to cause much skin diseases because of that, such as photosensitive dermatitis. Medical study has proved that vitiligo patients have a morbidity rate than the normal people to suffer from cancer. If the vitiligo involves of the iris, when the pigment reduces in the iris, patients are easily to have some ophthalmic diseases, such as cataract. In nowadays society, people increasingly emphasize to the external appearance. It has a great influence to the patients study, career, and marriage.

It is undeniable that there are a lot of people have certain discrimination to patients with vitiligo, it causes the majority of the patients self- esteem have a crushing blow, and lead to some psychological disease. Psychology study proves that vitiligo patients have the various degree of psychological disorder. Moreover the psychological disorder will reverse worsen the vitiligo. Even cause the break out of vitiligo developing. The vitiligo is aggravated because of patient’s psychological collapse, this will lead to vicious circle.

Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital UM - D multidimensional treatment expert group categorized the vitiligo as a psychosomatic disease.

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