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Vitiligo Patients With Gray Hair

Vitiligo patients with gray hairThe onset of vitiligo usually is caused by the lack of melancytes, the vitiligo patient’s melancytes cells are damaged at the epidermis layer. The hair follicle discoloration has the particular significance for the vitiligo patient, for mainly source to restore the vitiligo’s color is the out hair follicle root of sheath melanin cells. The hair turn to grey color means the hair follicle melancytes storage cavern are destroyed. If you find your hair become gray it shows your vitiligo has entered the developing stage or stable stage of vitiligo. So it remain you need to pay more attention to your vitiligo condition.

The onset of vitiligo have a close relationship with melancytes, besides that the hair and keratin also as the important factors to the vitiligo disease. The melancytes in hair bulb can form melanin than transfer it to the surrounding keratinocyte. Hair color is determined by the variety and amount of hair cortex melanin granules. The hair color can be yellow, brown, or red, black, gray color etc. but the hair color doesn’t play a biological function to protect the hair destroying by the sun burn. It is very common in clinical that the melancytes are destroyed in epidermis for vitiligo patients, but in hair follicle the melancytes may not involve.

About the 9% to 45% patients hair get involved, it shows that the hair color turns to grey at the gray spot area, the hair get involved vitiligo type usually occur on the bilateral or unilateral vitiligo. But the unilateral (segmental type) seems more. More than half of the bilateral hair gets involved especially for the eyebrow and the hair. Not all lesion of skin will find discoloration. And the single skin lesion may also is partially or totally become gray. As for the location, the hair is most involved, next is eye brow, pubes, and armpit hair. Hair involvement is often characterized by scattered gray hair. The hair appearance is similar with the salt or pepper color. For the serious case the whole hair will become completeness discoloring. But this is very rare. Sometimes hair discoloration is not accompanied by its scalp gray spot. Generalized type of hair turn gray is as the sign of the poor restoration color. There are many factors will cause the hair become gray, so we need to consider about that if vitiligo is direct reason. We must not diagnose blindly.

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