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Early Symptoms for the Vitiligo

Early symptoms for the Vitiligo The vitiligo patients should have a correct understanding to this disease, the symptoms of this disease is easily to appear, the patients should notice the early symptoms and know the major two symptoms of this disease?

Firstly the vitiligo is hard to diagnoses at early stage. Vitiligo is generally appearing on no pigmentation area. Such as at the edge of the patient's head because of the white hair so we can not see the white patches clearly. Some of the few patients their white patches can fade away automatically. This symptom also shows that the vitiligo is stay at the early stage. Some of the vitiligo patients after sun burning in summer, white patches center or the boundary of white patches will appear some pigment. But the pigment will fade away when winter is coming. We can see that the hair may become white color at white patches area. The patients will not feel any uncomfortable.

If the white patches area too large, the vitiligo patients will feel skin burning sensation after expose under the blazing sun quite a long time. We must learn more about the symptoms at early stage of vitiligo, at the early stage the facial part present white circle or irregular depigmentation patches. The skin is rather flat and smooth and the margin of the white patches is clear, at the same time the pigment increase at the margin area. Vitiligo patient with white skin are more sensitive to the sunlight than the normal skin, the skin will turn to red color even expose a little sun light, and gradually to expand to surrounding skin, and it will stop spreading until it integrate or reach to certain grade. And the disease time is shorter for the early symptoms for facial vitiligo patients, and the proportion is small, if they can get the timely effective treatment, it will have a rather good effect. Therefore, for the treatment of the vitiligo, we have to treat it timely and effectively. And the patients should grasp the right treatment opportunity.

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