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Do you know What is Vitiligo

Do you know What is VitiligoThe vitiligo is easily to show some symptoms at early stage, so the patients should pay attention to the early symptoms of this disease. We should at a positive attitude to know about this disease well and conduct treatment early. In this article I will introduce some symptoms at early stage of this disease and one of the therapies to treat this disease.

The vitiligo also called leukoderma is one of common skin diseases. It is a kind of skin disease characterized by the focalized or generalized skin depigmentation and gradually spread to other part of body.

We need to notice the skin changers, and vitiligo don’t have the subjective symptoms, so we are prone to ignore it, and for the early stage white patches with an obscure boundary and no pigment growth. It is quite difficulty to distinguish, the amount of white patches is not much at the early stage symptoms, the shape are varies from nail up to coin shape, as dot shape at early stage of the disease, and the boundary are very clear, some of the boundaries surrounded with pigment zoon.

The patients should go to hospital seek for professional treatment, and it is necessary to know and master the early stage of the vitiligo, it is significant in treating vitiligo, so the vitiligo patients should know the symptoms and conduct a rational treatment positively.

If your vitiligo is at a stablized period and last a long time, one of the therapies that treat the vitiligo is called autologous melancytes cultivation. Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital found the autologous melancytes cultivation that is easily to operate. The short term is of autologous melancytes is called CAS. The autologous melancytes cultivation is only plant the melancytes, and the clinical effects are poor so the patients have a lower satisfied rate to this melancytes cultication. The CAS technology abandon traditional purely melancytes implantation, it cultivate the melancytes and langerhans cells and keratin cells together. And improve the succeed rate of the vitiligo treatment. And after the recovery it will not leave any traces, it is a gospel for the entertainment and diplomatic worker with vitiligo.

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