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Will Vitiligo Spreads to Face

vitiligo on faceEvery vitiligo patients have different vitiligo causes, vitiligo areas, and vitiligo characteristic. And their vitiligo has particularity. Vitiligo patients have different reasons to get their vitiligo. As we all know, the causes of vitiligo are different and complicated. The causes can be divided to be immunity, trace elements, inheritance, tyrosinase, metabolism, emotion and etc. Therefore, before vitiligo patients get treatment, it is crucial for them to make clear what is the cause of their vitiligo. And then, our doctors will make specific treatment plans for vitiligo patients according to their vitiligo course, vitiligo positions, former treatment and etc.

The biggest characteristic of vitiligo is that vitiligo is very easy to spread. And vitiligo is very easy to spread to face. And we know that this is a era that people like beauty. So some vitiligo patients may feel embarrassed and self-abased when their face get vitiligo. Here are some reasons for vitiligo patients to solve their doubt why vitiligo is easy to spread on face and neck.

First, face and neck are exposed areas and are easy to be exposed to sunlight. Especially patients in countries that are close to equator. The sunlight is much strong and patients’ skin are much easier to be damaged by sunlight and ultraviolet ray if without protection measures.

Second, the intermediate species to synthesize melanin will accumulate excessively and damage melanophore and then arouse the onset of vitiligo.

Third, the friction areas will be suffered from pressure and the microcirculation will be blocked. Local damage will also lead to the onset of vitiligo.

If vitiligo is one face and exposed areas, it will affect people appearance and then bring damage to patients’ mentality and spirit. If your vitiligo is on face, you should take timely and positive treatment. Or if your vitiligo spreads and the area enlarges, it will cause destructive damage to vitiligo patients. Patients should take treatment at the initial stage. Compared to late treatment, early treatment will be much easier and the cost will be not so expensive.

Vitiligo causes are not very clear. But many vitiligo has relation with spirit factor. In daily life, vitiligo patients should keep relaxed emotion and attitude. This is a very important point. At the same time, vitiligo patients should keep happy and relaxed to prevent vitiligo recurrence and spread.

Besides, we suggest vitiligo patients to treat vitiligo seriously. Pay attention to adjusting mental state. And many cosmetic has stimulate effect to vitiligo patients. Doctors suggest not to use them blindly lest accelerating the spreading speed.

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