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Is White Hair Related to Vitiligo

vitiligo symptomThe main symptoms of vitiligo is the appearance of white spots on human body. Vitiligo can attack any positions on human body, such as hands, feet, legs, arms, trunk, face and even hair, seriously affect human beauty. And if their vitiligo is on face, hands and other exposed areas, it will also make people feel self-abased, which bring influence to their work, study and life. Some patients ask whether white hair is related to vitiligo or not? If patients get white hair, is it vitiligo?

For people who are prematurely grey, if their hairs present to be equally distributed state and are gray shape, and the scalp is normal, then it may relate to genetic mental factors. But some researches indicate that some vitiligo patients and their families members usually get grey hair before 30 years old, which is the early expression of vitiligo. At present, genetic white hair has no better treatment method. If you have white hair at a early age, especially 3 years old children, or their hair is partial white, and the scalp is also white, then it may be vitiligo. You need to go to hospital to get timely treatment lest delaying the best treatment time.

The onset of white hair may be persistent, or occasional. It usually appears at teenager period. At the initial stage, there are sparse white hair among hairs appearing at the top or back of scalp. These white hairs are among white hair presenting grey shape. White hair can gradually or suddenly increase, but can not get all white. Some people’s white hair will be stable without increasing. Generally speaking, patients have no uncomfortable symptom.

When vitiligo involves hair, it means your vitiligo condition has been severe. If without proper treatment, it can further develop to the whole body. Vitiligo can also lead to sweat not free, skin cells metabolism disorder. And it can also induce other diseases.

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